Sri Ternak Food Mart Sdn Bhd established in 1996 and started its wet market business with one shop lot in Selayang Old Wholesale Market (Pasar Borong Lama Selayang). Sri Ternak Food Mart Sdn Bhd is part of Sri Ternak Group of Companies which is formed by Ho’s family.


The founder, Mr. Ho Ah Chai is the man who inspired by his experience, has seen the potentiality of demand in retail industry even though his core business was in chicken farming, abattoir and wholesaler at that time.


By avant-garde and bold ideas of Mr. Ho Ah Chai, Sri Ternak Food Mart Sdn Bhd opened the first 24 hours operated wet and frozen market since 01 Jan 2003, being the second wholesale & retail outlet next to Selayang Old Wholesale Market (Pasar Borong Lama Selayang), which just less than 2 minutes walking distance.


Sri Ternak Food Mart Sdn Bhd at Selayang


The core business of Sri Ternak Food Mart Sdn Bhd, currently our Group’s Head Quarters, are wholesale & retail in selling fresh & frozen food, grocery, beverage and other goods that suitable for end users, hawker stall, caterers, canteen operator, Western and Asian cuisine restaurants.


Initially, the spaces of second outlet was about 10,000 sqf, and then expanded to more than 40,000 sqf of spaces due to the drastic growth in customer base which fermented from the business strategy. Sri Ternak believes in easy to reach, no frill, save time and fast service concept that keeping costs low to benefit the customers.


Through the corporate philosophy of ‘The Fresh & Frozen Food’ and 24/7/365, Sri Ternak has sparked the wholesale and retail businesses with more and more customers to purchase in this type of market. Sri Ternak Food Mart Sdn Bhd currently is having a work force of more than 250 staffs, to support the business operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.


Today, we have our own warehouse and value-added departments which comprise of Re-packing Department for onion, potato, cereals, vegetables, fruits, herbs & spices etc., range from bulk pack to small packaging. We have established Production Lines for cutting and deboning for chicken, seafood, beef, lamb and mutton that according to the customers’ requirement & specification.


By having a dual identity as a wholesaler and also a retailer, we help the market to cope with the demand in foods & stabilize the shortage in this region, with reasonable prices and giving maximum flexibility to customer who want to buy any quantity at any time they wish.


We supply fresh chicken, seafood & vegetable everyday, customer have the options to purchase frozen products according to their choice or preference and we really mean it from our slogan as Sri Ternak Food Mart Sdn Bhd is the place for – The Fresh & Frozen Food.


In June 2013, another outlet has been established in Pasar Borong Selangor at Seri Kembangan, with a shopping and warehouse area of 14,250 sqf, having a total workforce of more than 100 staffs. Our theme slogan ‘The Chef’s Choices’, primary is to target the Food & Beverage industry players for the surrounding areas, and of course, for end users as well.


Sri Ternak Mart (SK) Sdn Bhd at Seri Kembangan


ST Rosyam Mart Sdn Bhd at Setiawangsa is our new outlet which just have their soft launch on 1st June 2018.   

ST Rosyam Mart Sdn Bhd at Setiawangsa

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